Permanent lining castable

Detailed introduction

The permanent lining castable has good integrity, no cracking, low thermal conductivity, and has certain resistance to molten steel and molten iron corrosion.
According to the solidification and hardening mechanism of phosphate high alumina castables, the transformation process of all kinds of aluminum phosphate with the increase of temperature is also a dehydration process when phosphate high alumina permanent lining castables are baked. This dehydration process is mainly carried out before 500 C. The phosphate high alumina permanent lining castable can be baked directly after pouring for 2 hours. According to the thickness of construction, it can be baked with brick mold for about 3 days. After removing the lining, it can be baked for more than 16 hours.
According to the setting and hardening mechanism of low cement and high alumina castables, the strength of castables is obtained by hydration and coagulation. Low Cement Castables have strict requirements on baking, especially in the discharge stage of a large number of physical water and crystalline water below 300 C. When baked improperly, it is easy to spall and burst, so a reasonable baking curve must be worked out to make the water in the molding body discharged smoothly. According to the construction thickness, the natural curing I6 ~ 24h is completed by pouring, and then baked with mold for about 3 days. After removing the brick mold, the lining is removed and baked for more than 16 hours.

 Main Properties

Permanent lining castable




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