Is it difficult to distinguish brick from firebrick? Hebei refractories manufacturers help you analyze

Many people can't tell the difference between thermal insulation brick and refractory brick. Today Hebei refractory manufacturer helps you to analyze and distinguish the differences and similarities between the two bricks.
The primary effect of thermal insulation brick is to keep temperature, reduce the loss of heat, thermal insulation brick generally will not directly touch the flame, and firebrick generally directly touch the flame.
Firebrick is mainly used to taste the flame of the baking, generally divided into two types, that is, unshaped refractory data and stereotyped refractory data. Unshaped refractory material, also known as castable, is a mixture of many aggregates or aggregates and one or more adhesive powder granules, when used, it is necessary to mix with one or more liquids evenly, with a strong flow. Formed refractory materials, generally made of refractory bricks, the shape of which has norms and rules, can also be built and cut according to the needs of temporary processing.
What are the differences between insulating bricks and firebricks?
Insulation function
The thermal conductivity of thermal insulation brick is generally 0.2-0.4 (average temperature 350 65
Two. Refractoriness
The refractories of insulation bricks are generally below 1400 degrees, while refractory bricks are more than 1400 degrees.
Three. Density
Thermal insulation bricks are generally lightweight insulation materials, the density is generally 0.8-1.0 g/cm 3, and the density of refractory bricks are basically more than 2.0 g/cm 3.
What are the advantages of insulating bricks and firebricks?
Refractory bricks
The refractory brick has high mechanical strength, long service life, good chemical stability, no chemical reaction with the material and good high temperature resistance. The highest heat-resistant temperature can reach 1900%. Especially suitable for chemical fertilizer plant high and low temperature conversion furnace, converter, hydrogenation converter, desulfurization tank and methanation furnace, to disperse gas and liquid, and support, cover and maintain the catalyst effect. It can also be used in hot blast stove and heating changing equipment in iron and steel industry.
Insulating brick
Thermal insulation brick is a kind of new building energy-saving and heat-preservation skill with inorganic composite materials as the main raw material, and it is an ideal skill to replace the traditional wall external heat preservation. The insulation brick is placed in the wall while the excellent insulation effect is placed.
Hebei refractory construction factories think that there are great differences between refractory bricks and thermal insulation bricks, and their application environment, scale and effect are different. Different positions will use different information, in the purchase of information, Hebei refractory manufacturers suggest that according to the actual situation of the enterprise itself, to determine the appropriate refractory data.
Is it difficult to distinguish brick from firebrick? Hebei refractories manufacturers help you analyze




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