Guoliang company applies for the special fund of "replacing the reward with the reward".

Refractory industry is not only a traditional high energy, high resource consumption, but also a high environmental pollution, high emissions, for many years has been relying on resources, energy to support the development of enterprises. In order to solve this key problem which affects the scientific development and harmonious development, our company has been actively responding to the call of the state and government since 2000, taking pollution control, emission reduction and energy conservation as the key issues.
To realize the primary issue of sustainable development of enterprises. Relying on technological progress to carry out "structural" energy saving and emission reduction, "technical" energy saving and emission reduction and "managerial" energy saving and emission reduction. Firstly, we should carry out technological innovation and adjust the product structure; secondly, we should carry out technological transformation and equipment innovation to eliminate backward production capacity with high energy consumption and serious pollution; thirdly, we should mobilize the masses to make comprehensive use of energy; and fourthly, we should strengthen the management of energy conservation and emission reduction within enterprises.
With the development of energy-saving and emission reduction situation and the improvement of energy-saving and emission reduction requirements, in order to thoroughly solve the pollution problem of refractory enterprises, our company has continuously increased the investment in energy-saving and emission reduction transformation, fighting a battle of energy-saving and emission reduction. At the beginning of 2008, the company took the lead in proposing changes in the use of fuel for all thermal equipment of the company, using urban coal. Gas instead of the original solid coal and gas producer gas, to achieve "no burning coal" refractory enterprises. In order to achieve this goal, the company began construction in June 2008, demolished six gas producers and related facilities, resulting in a loss of more than 2 million yuan, and then re-laid the gas pipeline, and carried out energy-saving and emission reduction renovation of all thermal equipment in the company. It took more than one year and invested more than 7.5 million yuan. In June 2009, all the renovations were completed and put into operation. The "non-burning coal" refractory enterprise was realized. The history of coal burning in our company was ended. The SO2 emission was reduced by 287.58 tons annually and the soot emission was reduced by 54.58 tons. At the same time, the unit energy consumption of the product is reduced by 23.7%, and 1440 tons of standard coal are saved annually. Driven by our company, several large coal users (such as Dongfang Steel Rolling Co., Ltd., No. 6 Steel Rolling Plant, etc.) have successively eliminated the gas generator and burned the city gas. Our company's implementation of "energy-saving and emission reduction in depth treatment - and city gas in the refractory industry application demonstration project" not only made our company realize The target of energy saving and emission reduction has also opened up the way of energy saving and emission reduction for other units, and played an important role in the completion of the task of energy saving and emission reduction in the open area.



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