The national security departments compilation of information on safety production commitments

According to national laws and regulations, enterprises should establish and improve various safety production rules and regulations according to their actual conditions. Safety production rules and regulations are the extension of safety production laws and regulations, and the concrete embodiment of implementing national laws and regulations in enterprises. They are the standards and norms for ensuring safety production in all aspects. Safety production rules and regulations of enterprises are the basic provisions for ensuring the safety and health of employees and property safety of enterprises. The company decided to formulate various rules and regulations of the company, and compiled and printed them.
Safety production rules and regulations are the summary of long-term practical experience and numerous accident lessons. They are exchanged for blood and life. Violation of rules and regulations and operating rules can easily lead to accidents. Practice shows that more than 60% of casualty accidents are caused by illegal command, illegal operation and violation of labor discipline. Observing rules and regulations is the precondition for every enterprise staff to ensure safety. Only when the rules and regulations of safety production are implemented in the production practice of enterprises, can they play their full role, otherwise they will become a blank letter. Implementing safety production rules and regulations requires leaders to attach importance to them, set an example by themselves, and at the same time rely closely on the joint efforts of the vast number of staff and workers to carry out various forms of safety production publicity, education and training, so that every staff and workers fully realize the importance of strictly abiding by safety production rules and regulations and strictly abide by safety. The whole production rules and regulations should be the conscious action of all the staff and workers.
The company's production safety management, various post responsibility system, rules and regulations, safety operating procedures will be in accordance with national laws, regulations, policies, regulations, requirements, in the production practice constantly revised and improved, and conscientiously implement, for the company's better and faster development, to create a harmonious and upward healthy atmosphere to provide protection.



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