Tangshan Guoliang Special Refractory Material Co., Ltd. Project on "Research and Development of Unfired Bricks in Carbon-Free Ladle and Its Technical Reform"

At present, refractory materials for ladle are mainly aluminum magnesia refractory castables and magnesia carbon bricks. With the continuous increase of steel volume and the rapid development of refining outside furnace, the service life of alumina-magnesia refractory castable can not meet the requirements of steelmaking; although the service life of magnesia-carbon brick is still acceptable, but because the composition of brick contains a certain amount of carbon, in the course of use, it will cause molten steel carburization, smelting clean steel, low-carbon steel. And ultra low carbon steel is very unfavorable. A new type of refractories without carbon and high life is urgently needed to meet the needs of ladle.
In view of the appeal, our company decided to carry out the research and development of carbon-free ladle unburned bricks, and on the basis of our original production line, the implementation of process, energy saving and environmental protection aspects of technical transformation, used to produce carbon-free ladle unburned bricks.
The project estimated investment of 1 million 500 thousand yuan, mainly based on self financing.
After the completion of the project, 10,000 tons of unburned bricks can be produced annually, with a production value of 50 million yuan and a profit of 10 million yuan. Not only for the company to increase economic benefits, but also to promote the production and development of surrounding refractory enterprises, promote the development of surrounding refractory enterprises. The product belongs to the category of "green refractories". Its development provides conditions for improving the environment and environmental quality.
Hebei is a big iron and steel province, Tangshan is also a big iron and steel city, the development of carbon-free ladle unburned bricks will directly promote the progress of refractory technology in our city and even our province. At the same time, it will have a significant impact on the quality of iron and steel in our city and our province.




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