Carrying out "communication and dialogue" activities within enterprises

In order to respond to the call of the "communication and dialogue" activities of the Federation of Trade Unions, strengthen the power of trade unions, improve the effectiveness of rights protection, timely and accurate grasp of the interests of the masses of employees in employment, wages, social security, labor safety, democratic management and other aspects of the demand, our company will carry out various forms of "communication and dialogue" activities. Move. Leaders of the company attach great importance to this activity, through timely understanding and grasping the ideological trends of employees, concerned about the production and life of employees, will be conducive to guiding staff based on their own duty, love and dedication to work, and make contributions to the healthy development of enterprises. The company carries out "communication and dialogue" activities.
For the problems encountered in the activities and summarized experience, we will promptly feedback to the Federation of Trade Unions to ensure the quality of the activities, so that trade unions can truly become representatives and spokesmen of the interests of workers. To achieve the goal of safeguarding the rights and interests of employees, maintaining social stability, promoting the healthy and rapid development of enterprises, promoting the sound development of the national economy and promoting the sound and rapid development of the economy and society through the "communication and dialogue" between enterprises and workers.



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