Announcement of the China Refractories Industry Association on announcing the results of the first batch of enterprise credit rating evaluation

Member units:
According to the unified requirements of the Ministry of Commerce and the SASAC, and in accordance with the spirit of the Notice of the China Refractory Industry Association on Developing Credit Evaluation Work for Refractory Enterprises (No. 5, 2011) issued by the China Refractory Industry Association, the procedures for the analysis, evaluation, deliberation and publicity of credit rating for the first batch of Chinese refractory enterprises have been completed. Yes. The results of the first batch of enterprise credit rating evaluation (above grade a credit enterprises) are announced as follows:
3A level enterprise
Yingkou blue and white refractories Limited by Share Ltd Dashiqiao Jinlong refractory Co., Ltd.
Dashiqiao Rong yuan magnesium Mining Co., Ltd. Haicheng Hou Ying economic and Trade Group Co., Ltd.
Liaoning Fenghua Industrial Co., Ltd. Beijing lier high temperature material Limited by Share Ltd
Tangshan City Guoliang special refractory material Co., Ltd. Tangshan sheco Refractories Co., Ltd.
Tongda refractory technology Limited by Share Ltd Shanxi Yuxian Xiao Ping refractory material Co., Ltd.
Shandong Refractories Co., Ltd. Shandong Sheng Quan chemical Limited by Share Ltd
Jiangsu Sujia Group Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Huzhou and Zi Ling refractory Group Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Jin Lei high temperature material Limited by Share Ltd Zhejiang Hongying group Limited by Share Ltd
Zhejiang self reliance Limited by Share Ltd Wuxi Nanfang refractory Co., Ltd.
Shandong Bridge refractory material factory Yixing Nuo Ming high temperature refractory material Co., Ltd.
Shandong Luming high temperature Mstar Technology Ltd Ji'nan magnesia carbon brick factory (Lu Dong refractories) Co., Ltd.
Sinosteel group Refractories Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou an Ke Ke Industrial Co., Ltd.
Sinosteel Luoyang Refractories Research Institute Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Zhendong wear resistant material Co., Ltd.
Wuhan iron and Steel Group refractory material Co., Ltd. Weihui fused gold refractory Co., Ltd.
Henan Chun Sheng refractory Co., Ltd. Henan province Geng Sheng refractory Co., Ltd.
Zhengzhou Dongfang Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.
2A level enterprise
Haicheng Xiyang magnesium mine Co., Ltd. Beijing Shougang refractory material Co., Ltd.
Shanxi holy fire furnace Co., Ltd. Chinalco group aluminum refractory Co., Ltd.
Shandong Wan Qiao Group Co., Ltd. Wuxi Bayi refractory material Co., Ltd.
Zhengzhou talent Refractories Co., Ltd. Wuhan WISCO Beihu Metallurgical Material Co., Ltd.
A class enterprise
Anshan Iron and Steel Company attached to mechanical and electrical installation engineering company Xiaoyi Yulong Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.
Zibo Tai Bei Li Er Al Mg Co., Ltd.
It is hoped that the above enterprises will continue their efforts and make further efforts to make greater achievements in their future work and play a more active role in industry progress and economic and social development.
China Refractories Industry Association
December 2, 2011



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