Guoliang companys trade union visits workers on difficult occasions

On January 7, Zhang Wuyuan, chairman of the trade union of Guoliang Company, and his party, accompanied by rice, noodles, oil and other daily necessities, visited the homes of comrades Yang Yanshu, Yang Guoxun, Li Guimei and other workers in need. Everywhere Mr. Zhang talked with the staff and their families, inquired about their family's living conditions, economic conditions, difficulties and so on, and introduced to them the development and changes of the company, support policies for the staff and workers in difficulties. The staff and their families expressed deep gratitude to the company for their concern and help.
Guoliang Company has persisted in visiting and consoling the workers in difficulty for many years. It has formed a tradition and has received good results. It has established a better corporate image in the society.



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