Summary of work safety commitments in 2014

Tangshan Guoliang Special Refractory Material Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the production and development of refractory products for many years, has strong technical force and rich production experience, product performance and quality stability. The main products are all kinds of bulk materials, refractory mud and other 14 categories, but also according to the different needs of users to process various specifications of stabilizer, permeable brick and other bulk materials matching. Four kinds of equipments were used to process. In December 2006, the company officially passed the ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environmental management system and OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system international certification. It has the ability of safety production commitment.
In order to further strengthen the work of safe production and ensure a stable and better situation of safe production, Dong Guoliang, the general manager of the company, signed a responsibility letter for the management of safe production objectives with his superior government from 2010 to 2013, convened a special meeting on safe production in time, signed a responsibility letter at various levels, and appointed the safety production department to implement the work objectives. And the key points are summarized as follows:
First, leaders should attach importance to, ensure organizational security, and strictly implement the spirit of higher authorities. First of all, under the guidance and care of the district and town governments and relevant functional departments, especially the leaders of the district safety production supervision and Administration Bureau often come to the company site to publicize and implement the laws and regulations of safety production. According to the arrangement of the superior leaders, the company has established and perfected the safety production management system, jointly grasped and managed, and held a certificate for the special workers, so that the safety production has been effectively guaranteed.
Two, strengthen safety training and improve the safety consciousness of the whole staff. The general manager of the company holds monthly safety production working meetings in person, and at the same time adopts various forms of safety measures education to enhance the ability of safety production, and organizes literary and artistic performances on the theme of safety production on major festivals. Through staff self-editing and self-directing, the form of teaching and entertainment, so that the vast number of employees can make everyone speak about safety and things. Safety has become a good habit of safety work.
Three, start with the sound system and strengthen the implementation of measures. It has formulated 27 safety management systems, 22 post responsibility systems, 55 safety operation rules, 1 comprehensive emergency plan and 4 on-site disposal plans, and treated hidden dangers as accidents according to the principle of "four not to let go" and the principle of distinct rewards and penalties. According to the safety production assessment regulations, the units dealing with violations and hidden dangers should be investigated and managed. Public penalties and rewards are offered by individuals and individuals, thus stimulating the enthusiasm of employees to abide by rules and regulations and "four harmless" work.
Four, increase safety input and strengthen safety measures. In line with the guiding ideology of safety investment as the greatest benefit of the enterprise, the company is engaged in the source control of accident hidden dangers, hangs safety warning signs and hazard factor notification cards on the production site, conducts annual physical examination and installs dust removal devices on dust-raising workers and workplaces, so that no major safety accidents and minor injuries occur. The production rate has been controlled below 2 per thousand, and the production efficiency has been improved.
Practice over the past few years has proved that payoff is proportional to return. "Sharing hard work and sharing rewards" is actually a concept of safety production. The safety accident rate has not only decreased obviously, but also increased the comprehensive economic benefits. Therefore, it has won the first prize and the second prize of the "Guoliang Cup" safety production knowledge competition in Kaiping District twice, and the honorable title of the advanced unit and individual of safety production in Tangshan City twice. This is actually a more powerful advance for our work safety, we will continue to strengthen the main responsibility of safety production, earnestly implement the target management of safety production commitments, and realize our safety wishes: I aim at safety crown, you draw safety tail; think about safety and security, and create safety beauty together! May peace be with you, and my heart will be clean like water.



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