Standardize comprehensive management and promote "four management, one innovation".

In order to standardize the comprehensive management, aiming at labor discipline, cleaner production, environmental hygiene, quality control and other management work, the company set up a comprehensive inspection law enforcement leading group on November 10, 2013. The division of labor was organized and a group meeting was held in time. The on-site inspection was carried out and the problems were dealt with immediately. In order to better promote the pace of "four management, one innovation".
1. Systematic management: (refers to the application of system theory, cybernetics, game theory in management science) in enterprise management refers to the management system applicable to the enterprise. For example: organization management system, ERP logistics information system, shopping platform information system, attendance wage information system. The organization and management of our company is divided into four systems: management system management; production technology system management; financial system management; comprehensive affairs management. It is particularly important to continue to deepen the ERP logistics information system. In particular, the cost control information system should be established and perfected step by step. It reflects who is in charge and who is responsible for each other and cooperate with each other and support each other. In order to achieve the goal of system management.
2. Standardized management: (refers to the general term of systematic thinking, development and change, mutual checks and balances, harmonious and orderly, and orderly management by the Chinese Securities and Exchange Corporation) in enterprise management refers to the institutionalized management and standardized management applicable to the enterprise. For example: rules and regulations, product standards, process specifications, staff rules and so on. Our company is currently implementing various standardized management, especially the management of people. First of all, we should do a good job in the management of labor discipline. Leaders should take the lead, treat all the people equally and give clear rewards and penalties. Only in this way can we achieve the goal of standardized management.
3. Humanized management: (refers to the management mode which pays full attention to the human nature and exerts the human potential.) For example, the enterprise respects the employees, encourages them materially and spiritually, builds the growth platform, and realizes the win-win situation for both sides. At present, our company focuses on requiring subordinates to care for subordinates and care for their employees. "Advocate others, improve yourself, help others, be happy yourself." To achieve the above and below, the bauxite magnesia becomes gold. Ensure the completion of the company's business objectives.
4. Scientific management: (refers to the management method which proceeds from reality and solves practical problems according to objective laws. Fully embodies the people-oriented, all-round development, harmonious development, sustainable development of management) for example: to improve product quality from the "people, machinery, materials, law, environmental" five factors, through the "comparison of standards" to solve the existing problems of management methods. The company carries out scientific management. According to the objective situation of the company to formulate business strategy objectives, through refined management, optimize product structure, seize the market, improve the quality of the brand, do a good job in production security.
5, innovation: for our company: first, technological innovation; two, management innovation. "Innovation is the source of power" without innovation, there is no power, there is no power to develop, there is no development will be backward. The company calls for increasing the pace of technological transformation and deepening the mechanism of bundling contracts. At the same time, the management department is also required to innovate in management, all around the "improve quality, reduce costs, ensure safety, increase efficiency" of the central link, start thinking, diligent and eager to learn, think of new ways. We believe that we will get the best results if we work hard and harvest a bit.
Final requirement: in order to achieve the goal of the company, the leader must take the lead and take the lead. In particular, members of the company must take the lead and set an example. The ministers, heads and team leaders follow the example. All staff work together and we are confident and capable of achieving the company's stated goals.



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