The speech of the Spring Festival

The song of triumph is in its old year. Looking back on the hurried past 2013, the company has maintained a healthy, steady and sustained development momentum due to the hard work and wisdom of all the bright people. Under the correct leadership of the General Manager of Guoliang Company, all the staff work together in a depressed market situation, internal management, external service, pay close attention to quality, and achieved excellent results. The company has always implemented innovation and development, rewarding employees and giving back to society. On the basis of guaranteeing the gradual increase of employees'wages, the welfare benefits of employees should be improved, logistic support should be strengthened, heat prevention and cooling should be done well in summer and heating should be done well in winter. When employees are in trouble, the company leaders and trade unions will give a wide range of assistance, which is a concrete manifestation of the humanized management advocated by the company leaders. Continue to carry out "one to one" support for difficult workers. In Guoliang company, we all staff feel as a "national bright people" proud.
New year opens new hope, new journey carries new dreams, looking forward to 2014, opportunities and challenges coexist, arduous tasks await us, the mission of responsibility inspires us, the bright future calls us, let us join hands, we believe in the joint efforts of all staff, our tomorrow will be even more. Good. Let's take the lead and win the future, create brilliant future together. Zhu Guoliang's grand exhibition is thriving.
On the eve of the Spring Festival, the General Manager, together with all the leading groups, extended his sincere greetings and lofty respect to all the staff and family members of Guoliang Company. I wish you all a happy New Year! Good health! Family happiness! Many happy events! Good luck!



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