Guoliang company held the 2014 annual commendation conference.

Guoliang company's 2014 annual commendation conference concluded successfully.
Time flies, time flies, the blink of an eye busy 2014 has passed, full of expectations for 2015 to come to us. New year, gestate new goals and hopes, diligent and wise bright people gathered on February 8, 2015 this day, summed up the achievements and shortcomings of the past year, looking forward to the direction and goals of the next year.
The 2014 annual summary commendation conference is divided into two parts.
Part I: 2014 annual commendation summary conference
1, Dong Guoliang, general manager of the company and all the members of the team do the 2014 annual work summary and 2015 work plan.
Mr. Dong pointed out in the "Summary Report of the Company's Work in 2014" that the company achieved good results in the bad environment in 2014, which is the result of the joint efforts of all employees. But we still have a lot of shortcomings, we can not slack, we must continue to make progress, in the coming New Year in danger, in danger, and make new achievements. In the new year, we should enhance the image of the company, accelerate market expansion, improve team building, improve the overall quality and skills, improve the internal management system.
2, commended the advanced collectives and advanced individuals in 2014.
A total of 15 advanced collectives and 44 advanced individuals were selected and awarded by the members of the company team. Annual selection is not the goal, the significance is to use the typical role of spurring and driving everyone to work together, concerted efforts to do a good job, through the selection to stimulate the work of all staff fighting spirit and enthusiasm. In the past work, they wrote many touching deeds with practical actions, summed up a lot of experience and practices worth learning.
3, the company's advanced collective, advanced individuals, college students, and advanced, advanced representatives.
They spoke plain words, but every sentence is from the heart of the truth, hope that we learn from each other, common progress, let us in the new year, with a new look, as always, carry forward the past, under the leadership of the company, continue to carry forward the spirit of hard struggle, courage to struggle, pioneering New, pragmatic, united, all will become a city, in order to make the company cause bigger and stronger, with our common efforts to meet the future brilliance, create a new century of Guoliang company.
The second part: Convention and exhibition.
Every Department of the company has carefully prepared wonderful programs, such as sketches, solos, dances, sign language performances, choruses and so on. This year's performance, whether from the performance level, or from clothing props and other aspects, has made great progress than in previous years. Finally, the general manager on behalf of the company's leadership to all staff and their homes. Happy New Year to all of you. Good luck in the Year of the Sheep. The 2015 annual meeting of Guoliang Company ended successfully in the midst of cheers and laughter, in the crisscross of cups and in the sincere blessing of each other.



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