Happy game, happy day

On the afternoon of April 29, on the basketball court of Guoliang Company, a sports celebration for May Day was held. First, the president of the trade union, Zhang Shaoyu, gave a speech to all of you to congratulate you on the happy festival and at the same time encourage you to continue to work hard in the future. Play games, shake off fatigue, but be sure to pay attention to safety.
The game officially began, the first is a tug-of-war competition with the theme of "We Workers'Power". Everyone is eager to make full use of the strength of the workers and the teamwork in the cheerleaders' loud refueling. The second is a skipping competition that tests teamwork. It is full of joy and excitement. Everyone is shouting and sweating. The last one is the end ball race and the three person team race, and everyone is eager to take part in it. With the sound of a whistle, the curtain fell.




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