Honesty and honesty, honesty and integrity

On the afternoon of May 6, 2016, the company held a "honest work, honest life" theme sharing meeting in the staff's conference room. The sharing meeting aims to make all staff truly do "honest work, honest life".
The sharing staff are Li Panpanpan of Finance Section, Zhang Yu of Cost Section, Yang Pengpeng of Quality Control Section, Production Department in Lingyue, and Zheng Guangyou of Logistics Section.
At the meeting, Lingyue first expressed the gratitude of the staff of the sliding nozzle workshop to the general manager of the company, and through case sharing, expressed his hope to convey the trust of the company to everyone. Yang Pengpeng shared her journey from internship to final decision to stay in the company and take pride in the company. Zhang Yue, an employee of Cost Section, was her first job at Guoliang Company. She shared the difficulties she had encountered in her work and the various help she received from her leading colleagues, which helped her grow up rapidly. By sharing what happened at work, Li hopes to fully explain how to do things honestly and be honest. Finally, Zheng Guangyou, the logistics department, expressed that employees should think about the company in their work through humorous sharing.
At the end of the meeting, the general manager commented on the staff sharing. The general manager said, "One of the core of the corporate culture of Guoliang Company is to do things honestly and act honestly." Honesty is the foundation of our company's spirit and is the most important quality of our country. The general manager praised the sharing of employees and suggested that a similar sharing meeting be held every month to influence everyone in the company by promoting positive energy.




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