Ministry of Industry issued new version of refractories industry standard dynamic management compliance enterprise

In order to curb low-level repetitive construction, speed up structural adjustment and promote the healthy and sustainable development of refractory industry, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced on December 31, 2014 "Specification Conditions for Refractory Industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "Specification"), which deals with the production layout, process and equipment, quality management and clearance of refractory production enterprises. Cleaner production, energy conservation and comprehensive utilization, safety in production, occupational health and social responsibility, as well as supervision and management requirements.
The code emphasizes that new refractory construction projects need to meet the standard conditions, existing enterprises and production lines can not meet the standard conditions, to achieve through rectification measures. Similar to the "white list" of the iron and steel industry, the list of refractory enterprises and production lines that meet the specifications will be dynamically managed in the later period.
According to the regulations, refractory projects should take into account resources, energy, environmental capacity and market needs, in line with the main functional area planning, industrial development planning, environmental protection planning and urban and rural planning of the project location, in line with the overall land use planning and land use standards. Control of new production capacity, encourage the implementation of equal or reduced replacement, relying on existing refractory production enterprises, through joint restructuring, "withdraw from the city into the park", carry out technical transformation, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, production and promotion of amorphous refractories, optimize the industrial structure, improve production concentration.
In fact, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued in early 2013 "Several Opinions on Promoting Healthy and Sustainable Development of Refractories Industry" has explicitly requested that by 2015, 2-3 internationally competitive enterprises should be formed, and several new industrial demonstration bases should be established, with the concentration of the top 10 enterprises reaching 25%. By 2020, the industrial concentration of the top 10 enterprises increased to 45%.
The specification also requires the quality of refractory materials and refractory products to meet the corresponding national standards or industry standards. The layout of refractory factory should conform to the requirements of General Graphic Design Standard for Industrial Enterprises (GB 50187) and Hygienic Design Standard for Industrial Enterprises (GBZ 1). Cleaner production technology should be adopted in the plant area, and treatment devices such as dust removal, desulfurization and denitrification of kiln flue gas should be constructed. The flue gas will be discharged after the treatment reaches the standard.
Refractories are indispensable basic materials for the development of high-temperature industries such as steel, building materials, non-ferrous, machinery, chemical industry, electric power and so on. Domestic listed refractory companies in A-share market include Beijing Lear (13.26, 0.18, 1.34%) (002392.SZ), Punai (6.95, 0.04, 0.58%) (002225.SZ), Jinlei (18.45, 1.15, 6.65%) (002624.SZ), Ruitai Technology (10.81, 0.63, 6.19%) (002066.SZ).



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