How can the refractory industry break away from the cage of "excess capacity"?

To resolve excess capacity is theoretically "swelling", and the two is to expand market demand. Under the condition that the market of refractories is shrinking, it is impossible to expand market demand. In the shrinking market, production enterprises compete for users in order to survive and compete in disorder. Therefore, efforts must be made to "reduce the swelling", and "detumescence" can only take the way of eliminating backward production capacity in the market. We should speed up the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and promote the elimination of the market by supporting the strong and strengthening the strong. Then, the refractory industry how to break away from the "excess capacity" this cage, focusing on transformation and upgrading, environmental governance, resource control and other aspects of rectification, the following four aspects are not only the refractory industry development status analysis, but also the refractory industry rectification measures.
First, refractory enterprises should transform and upgrade energy saving, environmental protection, quality improvement and automation.
At present, the problems of refractory enterprises are as follows: serious pollution, endangering people's livelihood; high energy consumption, waste of resources; labor intensity, difficult to recruit workers; product sales profit is meager; payment is difficult to collect, the loss ratio is expanding. Transition and upgrading must be to zero emission of environmental protection; product pollution-free; long service life; production equipment automation development. It saves people, saves electricity and saves maintenance costs, reduces production costs and enhances product competitiveness. In the implementation of the new environmental protection law and the fierce competition of serious excess capacity, there is no way out without zero emission of environmental protection, automation of production equipment and cost reduction. This is a revolution in the production of refractory materials to full closed automation. Through transformation and upgrading, energy conservation, environmental protection, quality improvement, cost reduction to occupy the market, promote the market to eliminate backward capacity.
Two, the layout of refractory enterprises should take joint, merger and reorganization, transformation and upgrading of large enterprise groups.
At present, there are many, small and scattered enterprises, which aggravate the chaotic and fierce competition of excess capacity, and lack the right to speak in the market. We should guide and coordinate the joint merger and acquisition of powerful enterprises to form large enterprise groups, occupy the right of market discourse, influence the market situation, and promote the healthy development of the industry.
Three, refractories enterprises should be transformed from suppliers to service providers.
Science and technology are constantly innovating and developing, and management is constantly innovating, transforming and improving. Product after-sales service determines the development of product market. With the implementation of the overall contract for refractories by major steel enterprises, the refractory enterprises have been pushed to the position of service providers. The quality of service determines the economic benefits of the supplier and the buyer, and determines the survival of the refractory production enterprise.
4. The transformation of enterprise management from extensive operation to refinement, scientization and standardization, and the strengthening of enterprise credit construction
Strict enterprise management system, strengthen the integrity of enterprises. At present, under the condition of excess capacity and disorderly competition, the enterprise resolutely achieves "four no" in production and operation: "the contract under the cost price of the product is not signed resolutely", "no user contract is resolutely not produced", "no payment is resolutely not delivered", "no profit contracted projects and long-term default users are resolutely not to do" and " Recover receivables according to law and control total production. Collecting and mastering the development trend of user enterprises and paying attention to operational risks. In the construction of corporate integrity, we should emphasize contracts and keep our credit and set up corporate image. In the market competition, fair competition, resolutely not low-cost bidding for unfair competition; in the management, not to deceive users as good as second-best; not to evade taxes and fees is not due to social responsibility; in the production cost management, to be accounted for in each class, each ton, each molding products. Continuously improve the scientific and standardized management level of enterprises.
Faced with the development of excess capacity, many refractory enterprises have adopted transformation and upgrading or joint restructuring measures, such as: looking for refractory network is an innovative and daring to try all-industry chain of refractory e-commerce platform, can be said to be the earliest to enter the field of refractory e-commerce vertical B2B e-commerce, in order to solve off-line inventory. Starting from large volume, low sales, high promotion costs and difficult repayment, we aim to help buyers and sellers find the cheapest and best quality source of goods, and to make use of matching transaction patterns to match upstream and downstream enterprise information to help businesses achieve profitability as the ultimate goal, and strive to create a good level of vertical B2B e-commerce for refractories and raw materials in China. Taiwan, serving the development of the refractory industry as a whole, makes the development of refractory industry in the leading position in China.



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