Dn, chairman of the Municipal Federation of industry and commerce, led the delegation to the investigation and study of Guoliang company.

On the morning of August 15, Chairman of the Tangshan Federation of Industry and Commerce Zhan Deen and members of the entrepreneurs of the Municipal Consultative Conference came to Guoliang Company for guidance. General Manager Dong Guoliang, Director of R&D Center Chen Yongqiang and Minister of Technology Yang Qiang warmly received and discussed with the meeting.


    Mr. Zhen and his colleagues visited the factory site.


Mr. Zhen and his colleagues inspected the quality inspection center, the high-temperature materials research and development center, and the site of the slag protection project. During his visit, General Dong introduced to the leaders the company's main business, key customer groups, development direction and management system in recent years, and reported on the company's operating conditions and achievements, as well as the future to continue to strengthen and expand the panoramic planning, while facing the current increasingly severe market situation. The environmental protection, raw material prices and other key issues were analyzed, and expressed the city Federation of Industry and Commerce to actively support the construction of enterprises, and continue to contribute to the local economic development.


Visit the exhibition hall of quality inspection center



Visiting high temperature materials research and Development Center


During the discussion, Chairman Zhen, after listening to Dong Zong's report, first of all, affirmed the achievements of our company in recent years, especially the garden-style construction of refractory industry. He said that the City Federation of industry and commerce is a strong backing for enterprises, there are any difficulties and demands, can contact the Federation at the first time; but enterprises must follow the trend, in-depth study of national policies and principles, firmly believe that green water and green hills is Jinshan Yinshan's environmental protection concept, play a good environmental protection battle; at the same time, we must carry out in-depth implementation of the fight; Iron own hard product quality concept; in the grim situation of the soaring raw materials, it should be more effective to management, excellence, in-depth tapping potential, cost reduction and efficiency!




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