Luoyang Chuang Chuang new material and exchange learning with our company

August 18, Luoyang Science Innovation Material Co., Ltd. President Wei Wenxu and his team of seven people to our company for investigation and exchange. General Manager Dong Guoliang, Vice General Manager Liu Baosheng, Wang Yilong, Cui Ying and Director of R&D Center Chen Yongqiang exchanged views with visitors. The leaders of the two sides exchanged extensively on related products and technologies, market development and competition, and related industries. Aiming at the uncontrollable problem of raw materials, the two sides said they would make joint efforts to overcome the factors that caused the price of raw materials to rise due to disorderly competition in the market. At the same time, the leaders of the two sides discussed the issues related to the listing of enterprises, discussed the next step in-depth cooperation in related fields and reached consensus.
The new leader of science and technology is highly aware of our company's production concept and overall development ideas under the new situation. Our general manager Dong Guoliang pointed out that the two sides will take this exchange as an opportunity to complement each other's strengths, open up new markets, win the market at a cost-effective rate, and achieve win-win cooperation based on export services.
The visitor visited the product exhibition hall and some production workshop under the leadership of our company.



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