Caring for life and health: Guo Liangs training in occupational health knowledge

In order to effectively maintain the health of employees, in addition to annual health check-up, Guoliang also holds relevant professional health knowledge lectures, in order to strengthen the awareness of employees'occupational health, improve the ability of employees to prevent disease, improve the company's occupational health and safety system, in order to better work and life for the majority of employees.
On October 19, the safety department of Guoliang Company organized the training of occupational health and safety knowledge for 2017. In particular, Mr. Su Xiao of China Safety and Health Education Association was invited to teach. The training contents are mainly from four parts: emergency rescue knowledge, hazard factors analysis of dust-related enterprises, occupational health prevention measures and occupational health individual protection points. Teacher Su Xiao specially made a simple and clear courseware, making the lecture content easy to understand, more practical value.

Guoliang company has always adhered to the "people-oriented" business philosophy, always put the health and life of employees in the first place. Occupational health training and education is not only the company's concern for the physical and mental health of the vast number of employees, but also the actual needs of employees'healthy life and happy work. In the future, the company will carry out more forms of special training and education activities to promote the overall quality of the staff steadily improve!



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