The company held an advanced personal recognition meeting of enterprise standardization work.

On the afternoon of Nov. 2, Guoliang held a meeting in the conference room on the third floor of Employees'Home to commend 22 outstanding employees, such as Liu Yanguo, who did not consider gains and losses and worked selflessly in the company's early standardization work. At the same time, Guoliang also made plans for the next step of restructuring work.

Since May, in the process of due diligence by accounting firms, law firms and securities firms and improvement of corporate governance structure, all departments have been united and made concerted efforts, headed by the Finance Department of the company, to withstand the multiple pressures of heavy day-to-day business work and the urgent need to standardize working hours, and to achieve a better result. It has become a phased task of due diligence and enterprise standardization, laying a good foundation for the follow-up work of the company norms. At the same time, technical, enterprise management, production systems are also fully coordinated with the staff, the management system for data work held a special coordination meeting, overtime to complete the work docking. Through all the 22 commended employees, the company fully embodies the spirit of promoting integrity, taking the factory as home, giving up small family, taking care of everyone, public and selfless enterprise.
General manager Dong Guoliang attended the recognition ceremony. Mr. Dong first congratulated the commended comrades and hoped that they would spread this selfless spirit to every employee.
General Dong pointed out that with the expansion of the scale of enterprise operation, standardized management mode and perfect corporate governance structure are imperative. The standardized management work carried out in advance conforms to the national trend, especially after the 19th National Congress of the CPC, the promotion mode of substantive economic standards, standardization and promotion. It is hoped that the company's five major systems must strictly follow the rules in the process of exhaustive adjustment to carry out comprehensive software and hardware rectification and upgrading.

Dong Zong made five requests at the meeting:
1. All departments of the company work together to carry out the standardized work in a cooperative mode of high standards, strict requirements and strong execution. Leaders of all departments personally take the lead, deploy, follow up, feedback in person, be sure to complete the standard management work according to the time node requirements of quality and quantity.
Two, strict management. The first three quarters of the company by the impact of environmental protection management of the steel industry, sales indicators, although better, but profit indicators are not optimistic, the fourth quarter is only two months, innovation, quality and cost trinity, harmonious matching is particularly important. Therefore, the production system should take various measures to ensure product quality, control the rate of defective products within a reasonable range, digest the defective products, absolutely do not get the factory; the technical system according to the existing raw material structure, lean and efficient, make a good price performance ratio, innovative product formulation; operating system on the one hand, the bulk of raw materials and fuels do. Under the precondition of good winter storage and guaranteeing the production and use of core raw materials, the contract terms of all entry indexes are clearly offered, the awareness of legal control is enhanced, and the success rate of mining and control is ensured. On the other hand, we should strengthen management of the 22 construction sites, refine the operation, and really benefit from strict management.
Three, product quality is still the top priority of the work. The general manager of the company has won the 2016 Municipal Government Quality Award, the city's only five general managers of enterprises won the honorary title; at the same time, Guoliang also won the 2016 provincial brand product honorary title. Behind the honor, the product quality responsibility of the enterprise has been strengthened. We should not only guarantee the product quality for the enterprise, but also create famous brand products for the society and the country.
Four, cleaner production should be normalized. Cleaner production has now become an important element of the company's environmental labeling, the state has recently put solid waste treatment on the agenda, our company not only to reduce the stock of solid waste, but also to curb the growth of solid waste. Under the premise of implementing the national environmental protection policy, we should strengthen the control of the production site environment, speed up the improvement of environmental protection facilities, not only to create a clean working environment for employees, but also for the national blue sky defense to assume responsibility and contribute to the obligations.
Five, safety production work should be thoroughly implemented. Safety one vote veto system, safety zero tolerance concept must go deep into every employee's skeleton. First of all, it is the responsibility of every employee and family. Whether in the production site, construction site or enterprise management field, all the work must be safety first.
Believe that in the standardized management of comprehensive smooth, Guoliang will be a new attitude to a higher standard of departure!



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