General manager Dong Guoliang won the "municipal government quality award" personal award.

On the morning of November 4, Tangshan held a teleconference on the implementation of the strategy of "building a strong city with high quality" and "standardizing it". Tangshan learned and implemented the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, mobilized the whole city to implement the strategy of "building a strong city with high quality" and "putting the three in the forefront".

Ding Xiufeng, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Ding Xiufeng stressed that the quality and standardization strategy should be integrated into all fields and the whole process of economic and social development, and the product quality, engineering quality, service quality and environmental quality should be greatly improved to promote the development of higher quality and higher efficiency. We should persist in taking standardization as the leading project to improve quality, and take standards as the first step to drive the industrial structure to the high-end leap. We should pay more attention to the creation of brand names, so that more "Made in Tangshan" call the whole country, to the world. We should fully release the main role of enterprises and stimulate the vitality and power of quality and strong market. We should deepen reform and innovation with market thinking, optimize the environment for quality innovation and the environment for technological foundation, and speed up the improvement of institutional mechanisms conducive to upgrading quality and efficiency. We should strengthen the supervision of quality and safety in all directions, and enhance the sense of safety and sense of the masses with high quality.
The meeting commended the winning units and individuals of the 2016 Municipal Government Quality Award, and Ding Xiufeng, vice secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor of the city, presented the awards to the winning units and individuals.

Dong Guoliang, General Manager of Tangshan Guoliang Special Refractories Co., Ltd., Li Huizhe, Manager of Enterprise Management Department of Tangshan Port Industrial Group Co., Ltd., Xia Jianshi, General Manager of Tangshan Zhongtao Sanitary Ware Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shi Baosheng, Operating Minister of Tangshan Department Store Group Co., Ltd., and Yu Ke, General Manager of Tangshan Xiangyu Furniture Co., Ltd. Outstanding 5 people, won the "2016 Tangshan Municipal Government Quality Award Individual Award", and another 4 enterprises won the "Organization Award".

Quality is the lifeblood of enterprise survival. As a regional leader in refractory industry, Guoliang has always adhered to the quality first, adhering to the "create green refractory, create the industry's first brand," with integrity and excellent quality performance, out of a harmonious and win-win development path. The influence of "Tang Te" brand in North China has become a beautiful business card in Tangshan.
As the head of Guoliang Company, Dong Guoliang has always adhered to the development concept of quality management and strong quality enterprise, paying attention to details, strengthening attitude, the development and implementation of each project, strict requirements for a high starting point, high standards, long-term!
Entering a new era, Guoliang will give more prominence to quality first, benefit first, fully implement the strategy of strengthening quality enterprises and standardization, and make due contributions to the "three efforts" and "three in the forefront" of Tangshan City.



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