Seize the golden nine silver ten gold season, reduce the whole efficiency of the linkage proposal

Dear Guoliang company,
Since 2017, the enterprise is facing the national iron and steel production policy, supply-side reform in-depth implementation, the overall environmental protection governance is more severe trend, the company's bulk raw materials rose sharply, especially magnesia and high alumina, resulting in the company's production costs increased at the same time, sales gross margin decreased. Although the company took many measures together, forcing some steel mills to raise the contract price, but still can not compensate for the cost shock caused by the increase in raw material prices. The company has held a special seminar on technology, production and sales system to reduce costs and increase efficiency. In the golden season of "Gold Nine Silver Ten" refractory production, the company must properly comb the production process, create high-quality products, enhance the added value of products, vigorously reserve talent echelon, fully improve and enhance the management level. To this end, all employees are proposed to seize the golden nine silver ten gold season, reduce the cost and increase efficiency.
First, vigorously advocate technological innovation and increase the added value of products.
Technological system is the company's steadily advancing leader, without good technology, sophisticated formula, there is no good brand, there is no bargaining power. Fame wins first. To this end, the technical system, on the one hand, should be full of staff, multi-pronged, the pace of innovation will be a little bigger; through scientific research and innovation, the development of new products, expand new markets, and constantly enhance the added value of products. On the other hand, continue to find reasonable, cost-effective alternatives to bulk raw materials, adjust the formula to offset the impact of raw material prices.
Two, we should pool our efforts to tap the potential and reduce consumption and benefit from meticulous management.
The production system should be recombed to ensure safe production. Unreasonable and non-standard processes must be improved in time. We should deepen the technical reform and innovation of equipment, strengthen the assessment of process standardization, strictly maintain and lubricate equipment, strengthen patrol inspection, and strive to make the best use of materials.
Operation system should strengthen operation management of construction site. Each construction site is the source of the company's profit point. All site supervisors should broaden their horizons and improve their management ideas. Each construction site should be "small and fine, small and strong", and "eyes inward, fully tap the potential", scientific and rational construction process, to ensure safe production zero accident. At the same time, we should increase the utilization rate of waste materials, scientifically repair the old and make good use of the waste, and strive for less than the daily plan.
The financial and business management system must be strict with the corporate governance structure, and control costs and expenses scientifically and rationally. Tree fresh air, stand upright, respond quickly, act immediately, not only according to what is said and done, but also according to what is done, play an exemplary role in taking the lead, and effectively provide quality services for technology and production. At the same time, the Ministry of Human Resources should firmly establish the concept of scientific and technological talents as the first productive force, vigorously reserve talents, and improve the company's talent echelon construction.
Finally, we need the company's high-level team to plan the company's development and keep pace with the times. Bend over to do environmental protection, constantly improve the working environment of employees, enhance the sense of belonging and well-being index of employees, strive to achieve the company's comprehensive production intelligence, gardening, architectural art, management humanization, the overall cycle of ecological science.
Let our country bright all colleagues, do not forget the original heart, Thanksgiving forward, for the creation of first-class enterprises, to create a century of national bright and hard work!



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