Leaders of China refractories association go to Guoliang company for guidance.

There is a great collection of heroes. On the morning of April 28, at the invitation of Dong Guoliang, Chairman and General Manager of Tangshan Guoliang Special Refractories Co., Ltd., Xu Dianli, Secretary-General of China Refractories Industry Association, Jin Zhiguo and Shan, President of Henan Refractories Industry Association were invited by the first China Refractories Energy Conservation, Environmental Protection and Intelligent Equipment Summit Forum. Wu Xiaoyu, vice chairman of the Western Provincial Refractories Association, Zhang Jiming, vice chairman of the Shandong Provincial Refractories Industry Association, and the leaders of the related equipment manufacturers came to Guoliang Company for a visit and guidance.

The atmosphere of the meeting hall was relaxed and lively. The visiting presidents expressed their views on the current situation and development trend of refractory industry, and put forward constructive suggestions for the development of our company.

On behalf of the leading group of the company, General Manager Dong Guoliang warmly welcomed all the visiting leaders and introduced the company's current production and operation situation and future development plan to the leaders of the association. After that, led the visiting leaders to visit the breathable brick workshop, magnesia carbon brick workshop and Best subsidiary. For the second phase of magnesia-carbon brick project, Secretary-General Xu Dianli of China Refractories Association suggested that a prototype production line should be built to lead the industry to leap over to a high-quality development model.
Accompanied by the visiting equipment manufacturers for the actual needs of our company, each put forward objective proposals for the next step to form a mutually beneficial cooperation to lay a strong foundation

After the tour guidance, Dong Zong and the visiting leader posed for a photo in front of the office hall.

The leadership of the China Refractories Industry Association has come to guide the company in the future to improve quality, brand, and the pursuit of high-quality development further pointed out the direction, will form a good social effect, to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, to achieve stable development to provide strong industrial information support.




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