Guoliang company once again won the honorary title of "Shou contract heavy credit enterprise".

Recently, Tangshan Guoliang Special Refractory Material Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary certificate by Hebei Enterprise Credit Promotion Association as "Hebei Provincial Contract-abiding Credit Enterprise" in 2017.

The evaluation activity of Hebei Enterprise Credit Promotion Association is an administrative guidance activity which records and publicizes the credit information of enterprise contract on the basis of voluntary enterprise. Its purpose is to guide enterprises to improve their legal awareness and credit awareness, establish and improve a scientific and reasonable contract management mechanism, standardize enterprise contract behavior, promote the formation of a good social credit concept, and promote the construction of social credit system.
As a private enterprise operating for more than 20 years, Guoliang Company has always placed commercial credit in the important position of enterprise development, earnestly implemented the "Contract Law" and related laws and regulations, adhered to the business philosophy of credit first, and took "abiding by contracts and attaching importance to credit" as the driving force of enterprise development.
For many years, Guoliang company has been awarded the honorary title of "provincial credit unit". This medal and certificate is another recognition of industry and society to Guoliang company.



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