At the end of the year, Guoliang held a cadre meeting.

On December 20, Guoliang organized a joint inspection of safety and cleaner production at the end of the year. On the same day, an enlarged meeting of all management cadres and technical backbone was held in the conference room on the third floor of the staff's home. Looking back on the achievements that will be made in the past year, this paper focuses on the analysis of the current situation faced by the enterprise, clarifies the objectives and direction of the work in 2018, studies and deploys the next work tasks, concludes with good start, and provides a strong ideological guarantee for "sailing 2018".
At 8:50 a.m., all the middle-level and above management cadres of the company lined up neatly and assembled in front of the office building. The general manager Dong Guoliang made a mobilization speech, clearly demanding that the purpose of this joint inspection is to find problems, find shortcomings, learn from each other's strengths and complement each other, and realize new promotion.
This joint inspection is the last company-level inspection in 2017, and also a comprehensive review of the company's branches, workshops in the past year in safety, clean production and other work. Therefore, all units take the initiative to report and display the latest results of the department, and accept the company leaders and other members of the joint inspection. And other enquiry members.
After listening to everyone's reports and suggestions, Mr. Dong commented one by one, expressing full affirmation of the gradual improvement of the management level of various systems and departments. At the same time, it also points out that there is still a big gap between the company's overall management and the meticulous management.
Dong Zong emphasized the following points:
1 continue to improve and steadily improve.
Through this joint investigation, we can see that all the cadres and staff of the company have greatly improved their awareness of environment, safety and quality and management. But there is still a lot of room for improvement, I hope that we should follow the concept of good faith to further actively carry out work.
Whatever is good for the health of the employees and can reduce the labor intensity of the workers, we must put it into practice immediately without discount. The safety department should take the lead in conducting regular or irregular joint inspections, further establish a clear reward and punishment mechanism, make special use of funds, and steadily upgrade.
2 internal control standards, resolutely implement
From 2018 onwards, the company should be integrated into the standardized management track. In the operation of internal control standard, we must implement it immediately and resolutely implement it.
3 strategic planning, effective implementation
In order to give full play to its functions, the Strategic Development Department of the company needs to formulate the medium and long-term development plan of the enterprise, to closely integrate the present situation of the enterprise with the listing criteria, and to be practical and not mere formality.
4 recruit talents and develop together
We should adhere to the talent strategy of "going out and bringing in", broaden the channels of recruitment, recruit a large number of people with insight to grow and develop with the company.
5, less objective and more subjective.
In the face of difficulties, the objective reasons should be given less attention. In order to find a way to increase the profits of the company, we should use a variety of ways and channels.
6 strengthen communication and establish mechanism.
Communication and docking meetings should be held periodically and irregularly among management systems, departments and departments, and ministers to establish a long-term communication and management mechanism to eliminate problems and contradictions in the embryonic state.
7, select the benchmark according to local conditions.
Each production and construction site should be adapted to local conditions, select different benchmarks, look for gaps, self-pressure, and bravely strive for the first. And we must not be stereotyped.
8, strengthen company culture construction.
Team culture, workshop culture and departmental culture should be effectively integrated to promote the healthy and orderly development of the company's overall organizational culture. And from improving labor remuneration, further improving the working environment, improve the sense of employees to obtain, and so on, to provide an objective guarantee for employees to love their posts and devote themselves to their work.
9 improve the quality of training
To strengthen the training, we should carry out various forms of training, and improve the quality of the whole staff through various channels and ways of training.
10, the implementation of the system should be in place.
To safeguard the seriousness of the company system, everyone is equal before the system. But after the introduction of the system to publicize in place, so that each employee clearly, see clearly, so that there are laws to follow, there are rules to follow!



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