City and district leaders at the same level two days ago our company safety check before the festival.

On February 13, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, propaganda minister Yang Jie and deputy district director Liu Jilin of Kaiping District took teams to Guoliang Company to inspect production safety. The leaders of the two levels of the city and district listened to our company's report on safety production and carried out on-site inspection.

Yang Jie pointed out that safety production is related to the safety of people's lives and property, the survival and development of enterprises, but also related to social harmony and stability, we must take care of it, grasp it in hand, enterprises should strengthen emergency duty, strictly implement the leadership system, strengthen various safety production measures to ensure safe production.
Vice District Director Liu Jilin inquired about the company's production and operation, safety management measures, and to all the company's cadres and staff to express festive greetings, I wish you all a peaceful, safe and happy New Year!


General Manager Dong Guoliang, deputy production deputy Wang Haiyong, Deputy enterprise management deputy Sheng Gaoxia and safety section chief Wu Zhijun and related departments are responsible for the inspection accompanied by comrades.



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