Guoliang company successfully passed the "three in one" certification annual supervision and acceptance.

From November 13 to 15, Beijing New Century Inspection and Certification Co., Ltd. commissioned Mr. Wang Baohe and three other state-level registered auditors to conduct annual supervision and acceptance of Guoliang Company.
The work lasted three days, and the inspection team conducted a comprehensive supervision and audit of the quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system of our company through consulting information, convening meetings, organizing discussions, inspecting the site, inspection procedures and other forms.
In the process of auditing, the leaders of various departments and relevant staff of our company actively cooperate with each other and actively show relevant credentials, which fully demonstrates the recognition and achievements of the company in the work of meeting the standards. During the inspection and inquiry by the auditing experts, it deeply reflects the company's emphasis on the work of implementing the standards and the implementation of the standards by grass-roots workers. Throughout the review process of the expert group, good cooperation and serious communication and exchanges on the problems identified.
The inspection team believes that the company's management system has been well controlled and has achieved remarkable results over the past year. In the course of management and operation, the focus is on customers and the quality process is strictly controlled, so that the company's management objectives can be achieved. The environmental and occupational health and safety operations are well controlled without any environmental pollution and safety accidents. Especially in the field of cleaner production, safe production and other aspects of hidden danger investigation has made rapid progress, it is worth affirming. At the same time, the company also put forward some suggestions to improve and improve the stability of environmental protection dust removal facilities, the integrity of the factory product inspection report, the standardization of the disposal of non-conforming products, the diversity of emergency plans and other aspects.
Finally, the inspection team announced that Guoliang company passed the annual Supervision Inspection and acceptance.
General manager Dong Guoliang attached great importance to the supervision and inspection work. Mr. Dong pointed out that since 2006, our company has passed the "three in one" certification and obtained the certificate, but the certification should not be regarded as the "end point", but the "starting point" to do our work properly. For more than ten years, the company has always adhered to continuous improvement and strengthen self-improvement. Nowadays, we must always keep a clear mind and recognize the gaps and deficiencies in our work. Especially at present, the company is in a critical period of standardization and renovation. Next year, the company will also usher in the node of standard revision, certification and certification. It is hoped that all departments of the company will link the "three in one" certification work with the company's standardization and renovation work, regard the certification system documents as the absolute standard of daily work, and look for problems at any time. Break the gap and make progress every day!



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