The company held special training on mold cinder for continuous casting.

On the afternoon of October 13, the company held a technical conference on mold powder for continuous casting in the conference room on the third floor of the staff's home. The company hired the Korean President Yu Binglie to give technical guidance on raw material procurement, finished product production, laboratory testing, production and testing equipment, on-site tracking service and sales of mold powder. At the same time, special training for basic knowledge of mold fluxes was carried out. The company's executive vice president Liu Baosheng, chief engineer Wang Yilong, director of R&D center Chen Yongqiang, technology minister Yang Qiang, mold powder factory director Tang Zhifang, as well as related business, technology and more than 30 personnel participated in the training.

Mold fluxes are materials which are placed on the surface of molten steel in continuous casting to keep temperature, prevent oxidation and absorb non-metallic inclusions.


It has five main functions in the continuous casting process: barrier function (mainly completed by liquid slag layer), thermal insulation (mainly completed by solid slag), absorption, melting impurities (mainly completed by liquid slag layer), lubrication function, control and uniform heat transfer. Now it is widely used in major steel plants.



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